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Teeth Whitening At Farsley Dental

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Do You Have Stained And Discoloured Teeth? Are You Embarrassed To Smile In Public?

Don’t Worry, The Calm & Caring Dentistry Team At Farsley Dental Are Here To Help!

For some people, having teeth reshaped or having implants fitted is too drastic for a brighter smile – they would simply rather have a whitening process that makes their teeth a few shades whiter. This is where teeth whitening can be a very convenient option. Teeth whitening is great for the following things:

  • Improving whiteness of teeth
  • Saving money on cosmetic treatment
  • Whitening individual discoloured teeth
  • Counteracting discolouration from drinking tea, coffee, red wine and smoking.

Why Choose Teeth Whitening As An Option For My Smile?

As mentioned above, teeth whitening is a preferred treatment for those who simply want their teeth to be a few shades whiter and would rather not have anything placed on or into their teeth or gums. Whether it’s bleaching or laser whitening, it is a treatment that can deliver stunning results.

So, if you are worried about the colour of your teeth, contact us today – We can provide teeth whitening services to patients living in Farsley and other areas of Leeds.

Rosie’s Story…

Rosie was concerned about the shape, position and colour of her teeth. Matt first gently straightened her teeth using the cosmetic Quick Straight Teeth system which took only four months, and then provided a course of tooth whitening to improve the shade of the teeth.

Two of the upper incisors and the four lower incisors were then restored in one appointment using composite veneers,  provided without any prior drilling or preparation of the underlying tooth, and therefore more predictable and less destructive than more traditional porcelain veneers.

The spaces were closed – and the general shade of the teeth improved, providing a pleasing aesthetic result.

Get A Brighter Smile Today! Here’s Dr Liam To Explain More

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