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Patient Success Stories

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Why I Choose SmileFast

The Big Smile Reveal

My Farsley Experience

The Treatment Was Brilliant, A Life Changing Event

It’s Changed My Life Now I Don’t Have To Wear That Horrible Denture

Matt Has Not Only Saved My Smile But Given Me Confidence

TV Presenter, Alex Simmons Explains Why He Came To Us For A Straight Smile

Actor, Adam Fogerty Talks About His Dental Implant Experience

I Can Speak Properly Again Now I Have Dental Implants

The Biggest Thing Is I Don’t Notice I Have It In. It’s Like A Real Tooth

I Would Recommend This Practice And Implants To Anyone

I was referred to Farsley Dental Practice by my dentist, My Dentist practice on Broad Lane as I had two failing crowns. The process was explained to me at my free smile plan appointment along with possible costs. I then had an appointment with Dr Swarbrigg. The process was explained to me again. Jon also fitted me in the following week to put my crown back in.

I was sent a costing plan explaining the different scenarios depending on what option was most suitable for me. The first thing I had done was to build up my two front teeth and the two on either side of the proposed Implants. This also lengthened my two front teeth giving a better look. I had x-rays and a bone scan to make sure I was suitable for the Implants to be done straight away. This proved I was and an appointment was made for the next stage.

I had the remains of the two failed crowns removed and the Implants were put in. I was told there maybe swelling and tenderness as well as possible bruising. I did not have any bruising or swelling. All of the process was pain free and I drove home following the procedure. I had another appointment a few weeks later to make sure the Implants were healing well, which they were. Another few weeks later my permanent Implants were fitted, this was followed by an appointment a week later to do final checks.

I am really happy with the results. My biggest fear was having false teeth. The team at Farsley Dental Practice were always very friendly and courteous. I would recommend this practice and Implants to anyone who was in my position

~Elizabeth Middleton

The Implants Have Changed My Life

I chose to have implants having suffered for years with a plate that always moved. When I went out for a meal I had to choose on the menu only soft food weather I liked it or not. I can now eat whatever I like, it has changed my enjoyment of eating out.

The treatment was fine. Jon is an amazing  dentist, he is kind and explains everything as it is done. I have had bad experiences with dentists before and hated going. Now I am fine and it doesn’t bother me at all. 

The Implants have changed my life, I wish I had done it years ago. They look amazing. I would recommend anyone thinking about it to go ahead and do it. I don’t regret it and would do it again tomorrow. Jon and his staff at Farsley Dental are just amazing and I would recommend his practice to anyone.

~Margaret Monaghan

Gave Me Confidence From The Outset. Very Pleased With The Result

I chose to have the Implant treatment as I did not want another gap in my teeth. I have reached an age where the loss of a tooth can be more frequent and I wanted to minimise the cosmetic impact.

The treatment and costs required were explained in detail to me at the outset. Once I had decided to proceed Jon explained in full how the various treatments would be undertaken and the timescales involved. It can seem the process takes quite some time but Jon talked me through why this was necessary so I appreciated the benefit of the timescales.

My treatment followed the plan and was timed to mutually convenient dates. I found the treatment virtually pain free and I didn’t have any problems throughout. Jon and his staff gave me confidence from the outset and I am very pleased with the result. I would recommend Jon and his team to anyone considering having an Implant.


Farsley Dental Are Kind And Lovely

Hi All at Farsley Dental

Sorry I don’t have Facebook etc but the service has always been great for me – I was a girl from the late seventies who hated the dentist as they were cruel whereas Farsley Dental are kind and lovely – it is a pleasure to come – I never thought I would be saying that – keep up the good work.

~Anne & Keith

I Wish I Could Have Given Farsley Dental More Than 5 Stars

Having had a fear of the dentist for years, I was very nervous about having treatment on a number of teeth. However that all changed when I was recommended Matt by my cousin who is also a dentist and recommended him. Farsley Dental Practice is unlike any dentist I have ever been to in my life.

From the Reception to the principal dentist, everyone made me feel extremely comfortable and were happy to answer any question, no matter how small. I dealt with John in consultation and then Matt performed my treatment. Both of them were both extremely personable and this added to my experience a great deal.

Matt’s treatment has been without fault across a number of difficult procedures, even though I had various complications that made them even more difficult. I was carried through by how calm and collected Matt was, I was also constantly reassured by him, as he keeps you up to date throughout the procedure.

Managing my expectations not only limited how stressed I felt, but also demonstrated how knowledgeable he was. I will use Matt as my dentist for the rest of my life and I wish I could have given Farsley Dental more than 5 stars

~Thomas Dell’Apa

Farsley Dental have been absolutely brilliant. All their care team have been very friendly and accommodating, and Liam is a top class dentist who is highly knowledgeable and keeps you as a patient informed throughout.

Farsley were able to see me within three hours of my call for an emergency appointment which I really appreciated, and the environment is friendly and welcoming. Highly recommended

~Jonathan Ward

Root canal treatment was treated as pain free as possible. Could not have asked for better service and now after three weeks, it all looks promising. Thank you so much.

Would definitely recommend this practice

~Kris J

Absolutely lovely. I was anxious but they soon put me at ease. I’m a returning client (first came here 30 years ago) so that says something about the quality of the service. Some of the faces have changed but not the standards of care or professionalism

~J Reed

I can honestly say that this is the best treatment I’ve ever had. My broken tooth has been expertly repaired, no pain and first class service. No hesitation in recommending John and his team

~Jonathan Broadhurst

The team were professional and helpful. Jon has just put my implant in, Jon and Mo have given me back my smile!! I would totally recommend, Jon’s expertise and skill is amazing and Mo shows such kindness and skill too. I would totally recommend

~Patricia Davidson

Lovely friendly staff. Very professional. Me and my family come here and are always happy with our treatments

~Yvonne Mayne

Excellent service, very professional service by Matt, kept informed through each stage of the treatment

~John Garner

I’ve been coming to Farsley Dental Practice for 24 years, every time I make an appointment to come to the practice I can get in very easily. My daughter has also been coming since 2007 and ourt experience has always been very positive


I feel completely at home at Farsley Dental Practice, I know there’s help at the other end of the phone when I need it. I can really trust my dentist, I’ve never had any pain


When I first came to Farsley Dental I hated my teeth, I’d been very badly bullied at school, I didn’t like to smile. Over the years the team here & Jon in particular have been absolutely amazing & made me proud to smile again


I found out about the practice from a friend. When I first came I needed a lot of work done, it was just fantastic. The care was outstanding from everybody


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