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Nervous Dental Patients

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Are You Scared Of Seeing A Dentist? Does The Thought Stress You Out?

The ‘Teeth For Life’ Team At Farsley Are Here To Help!

For nervous patients, a trip to the dentist can be a stressful experience – even getting into the dentists’ chair can be too much.

We understand this completely, which is why we will never rush you. Our friendly team will take as much time as you need to discuss your options, making sure you fully understand, and are happy with, your treatment plan.

Stress Free, Worry Free Dentistry

Here at Farsley Dental we don’t judge people because nervous patients quite often don’t like to show their teeth. Many anxious patients will say “I bet you haven’t seen teeth like mine”, but in most cases we’ve actually seen worse.

Our job is to make you feel comfortable seeing the dentist. We need to build up your confidence by taking time to listen to your fears and concerns, demonstrating that not only can we help to fix your teeth, we can also help to reduce or remove the fear of seeing a dentist.

Your Gentle Dentists

Jon Swarbrigg Jon Swarbrigg

Meet Jon

“Jon and his assistant Mel, lovely people, amazing dentists, very informative offering great advice, I have already recommended them to friends. Keep up the good work”

Matt Matt

Meet Matt

“I was carried through by how calm and collected Matt was. I will use Matt as my dentist for the rest of my life and I wish I could have given Farsley Dental more than 5 stars”

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