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The majority of people have had at least one filling in their life. A filling is used as a way to repair damage to the teeth caused by decay and is an effective treatment for restoring normal function and shape to an otherwise damaged tooth. There are many types of fillings and they all provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Protect teeth from further damage
  • Prevents tooth loss
  • Makes it easier to clean your teeth
  • Reduces bacteria in the mouth

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Why choose fillings as an option for my smile?

Having a filling is one of the most ubiquitous dental treatments that is available, and not without good reason. When a filling is fitted, decayed tooth material is firstly cleaned away and then the cavity is filled, most commonly with a silver amalgam (although other options including gold, porcelain and white filling are also available). Fillings are not only great for restoring shape to your teeth but also for preventing further decay from occurring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How long will a filling last?

    How long a filling last depends entirely on the type of filling it is and how well you look after it. You can expect an amalgam filling to last up to 12 years or more while white fillings often last for up to 10 years.

  • Q: Does getting a filling hurt?

    The procedure for a filling is performed under a local anaesthetic so you will not feel any pain during it.

  • Q: What options do I have for the type of filling?

    The most common type of filling is made out of silver amalgam, however there are many other options. White fillings, for example, are subtler and blend in with the colour of teeth, while gold fillings offer the smoothest and most resilient option.

  • Q: How will I know if I need a filling?

    If you have a cavity that needs filling, your dentist will be able to see it using a small mirror that is used during a routine check-up. Upon finding one, the dentist may perform the filling procedure there and then or ask you to return for a follow-up appointment.

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