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A crown is a fixed restoration prosthetic which can be made out of metal or porcelain that fits over a tooth in order to repair and protect it. This is usually a procedure that is done in the case of a tooth becoming damaged or weakened. There are a number of uses that crowns can offer, including the following:

  • Repair broken teeth
  • Protect teeth weakened by decay
  • Improve any discolouration of teeth
  • Hold a bridge or denture in place

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“Excellent service, very professional service by Matt, kept informed through each stage of the treatment.”

Why choose crowns as an option for my smile?

There are many reasons why crowns can be extremely beneficial both for cosmetic dental treatments and improving your overall dental health. Not only can a crown strengthen a damaged tooth, it can also be an ideal way to improve its shape, alignment or colour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How is a crown fitted?

    Having a crown fitted involves a certain amount of preparation as each crown is made specially for each individual patient. Before this is done, the tooth must be shaped by having a layer of the outer surface removed, thereby allowing a mould of the tooth to be taken. When the mould is created, the crown […]

  • Q: Does preparation of a crown hurt?

    The preparation work that is involved when having a crown fitted does not cause pain as you will be under a local anaesthetic during the procedure.

  • Q: Will a crown feel different?

    You crown may be noticeable for the first few days after the treatment but this usually subsides and will eventually feel normal, like any other tooth.

  • Q: How long will a crown last?

    As with many dental treatments, the amount of time a crown lasts depends completely on how well you look after it. If you care for it well, it should last for many years.

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